Icelandic artist of this week, Þórarinn B. Þorláksson.

Þorláksson was born in 1867, the 13th of 14 children of a clergyman father, who died when Þorláksson was just five years old. Originally trained and working as a
bookbinder, Þorláksson studied painting under a Copenhagen-trained Icelandic woman, Thóra Thoroddsen. In 1900 he was awarded a grant by the Icelandic Parliament to study art in Denmark, and he trained there from 1895 to 1899. Returning to Iceland, he held an exhibition of his works at a place perplexingly called Glasgow, in Reykjavík, in the summer of 1900—the first exhibition of Icelandic painting in Iceland. Þorláksson’s principal interest was landscape painting, and perhaps fittingly a dominant subject in this first exhibition of works was Þingvellir, a site of enormous historical significance to Icelanders as the site of their parliaments (which dated back to 930 AD). (wiki)



Oh, you didn’t know?  Well know you know.


Check out this crudely-made gif! Pay attention! SPX IS NEXT WEEKEND.

On Sept 14 & 15, I will be tabled with a host of wicked artists from Topatoco at the Marriot Betheseda North Hotel & Convention Centre. We’re talking Becky & Frank! We’re talking Anthony Clark! We’re talking who even knows what else! Meredith Gran will be there but at a different table! I am really excited.

I don’t know if I will have the things I worked on with Night Vale, but maybe?! I will for sure have a new mini, ALL THREE of my variant covers for Adventure Time/Bravest Warriors, stickers, buttons, tote bags, prints and more!

I will also be presenting an award at the Ignatz Awards ceremony, which is super prestigious and I am crazy-honoured.

See you there, I hope!